When you need someone to support your business growth & to take care of the tech so you don’t have to

Why should you choose to work with me?

I’ve been building websites since 1998. Yes, you read that right. Things have changed A LOT over the last couple of decades. It’s been a fun ride, though there were moments of irritation too… looking at you IE6!

I have an IT degree and majored in Systems Analysis & Design, but I ended up falling in love with websites, and I’ve been building them since I graduated. Over the years I’ve built small websites for small businesses and larger more complex ones for government organisations and large companies, and everything in between.

I enjoy what I do and love helping business owners achieve their dreams. 

In 2014 I became fascinated with website optimisation and testing so I could squeeze more money out of websites for my clients. I’ve studied conversion optimisation, google analytics, online marketing, social media tactics & more. The studying never ends, but that’s fine, I love it!

– OR –

Gabriella Kosztolanyi

Fun Facts about Gabriella

Things I’m into… I’m always studying or researching something, rock-climbing, design, meditation, sound healing, watercolour painting & yoga.

I’ve lived in 7 countries and travelled to 21 countries (so far). I speak English, Hungarian, and Spanish.

gabuko is a fun twist on my name Gabriella Kosztolanyi (pronounced Kos-to-la-nyi). It is the combination of the first two letters of my first name, nickname and last name.