WordPress Divi Website Upgrade for DIYers


Who is this for?

You DIYed your own WordPress Divi website

(Congrats! it probably wasn’t that easy if you’re not tech savvy)

You think you’ve set up WordPress correctly but you’re not entirely sure

You’d love a professional to go in and check your configurations, plugins and make tweaks to optimise the website, improve security and make it load faster.

You’re sort of happy with the website you created…

… but you know deep down it could look so much better with some tweaks by a professional designer. You want to feel more confident when you’re out there hustling for clients and telling them to go to your website.

You can’t afford a full website redesign but you need help from a professional

What’s included in this website facelift?

For US$497 you get 1 full working day of my time to exclusively work on your website. This may include things like:

A WEBSITE FACELIFT. Includes design tweaks to your template, home page, two or three other pages of your choice, and the blog. I’m assuming your website has already been build by you and all the content has been inserted and laid out to the best of your ability.  I might tweak things like your fonts, brand colours, spacing, images, layout… whatever I need to do to make the website look more like it’s been professionally designed. We will discuss and agree on the changes before I begin and during the upgrade process.


I might make recommendations on how to improve the user flow and other best practice guidelines. After discussions with you I would incorporate as many of these changes into the upgrade as time allows.

Give your website a plugin and setup audit and make necessary tweaks to configurations as required. This can include adding  plugins to improve website security, speed, image optimisation and more. I will also check things like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and the FB pixel have been added and added correctly to the website.

Make any tweaks to email setup …?

Design social media graphics

Recent Divi Website Upgrade: The Focused Rider. Unfortunately, I forgot to take screenshots of what the website looked like before. 

For more examples, please view my portfolio

I only take on selected projects.

If you’d like to apply, please complete the form below.

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