A New Website in 10 Business Days

Imagine having a gorgeous and optimised website that makes your services and courses irresistible to your dream clients

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A new website in 5 business days

Are you ready for your first website or do you need an upgrade?

Creating a well-designed, well-thought-out, and hard-working website can be a time-consuming process.

I’ve created a process that allows me to create a website that you and your dream clients love in as little as 10 business days.

“First impressions matter, especially when 47% of website visitors abandon their journeys after viewing just one page on a website. ” – ContentSquare

You want a website that looks professional, gorgeous and it clearly communicates what you do and for whom. You want to show it off and be proud of it. You want it to convert well and bring in dream clients.

Perhaps you’ve tried DIYing your own website in the past and you were frustrated at how time-consuming it was and ultimately you weren’t entirely happy with the results.

You would like to work with someone that understands you, your industry and can help you achieve your goals.

Amanda Sophia's Inner Circle of Wisdom

Your online presence is crucial to your success, so I designed a solution where I can deliver quick, affordable, and stunning websites that capture your unique business identity and effectively communicate your values and services to your ideal clients.

Stul and Stol website design by gabuko

So, what is the solution?

The solution is two-fold. One, I use a starter theme to cut down on development time, and, two, the process I use to manage the project is time-efficient and easy for both, you (the client) and myself.

A starter theme is used as a “wireframe” upon which I design and build your website pages. The WordPress theme I use is Divi, it’s a professional page builder which makes it easy and fast to build beautiful and responsive websites.

I add in your copy, images, brand colours, custom fonts, some minor custom tweaks, and voila, you have a website that looks expensive and custom-built but at the fraction of the cost.


At the start of the project, I will get to know you and all about your business. We discuss your goals, your brand, your business values, and your overall growth strategy.

I can provide useful feedback on the website copy you’ve written, however, I am not a copywriter. If you need help with writing the content, I can recommend several amazing copywriters.

Additional things included in this project: copywriting tips, SEO setup, website security setup, and more.


Vanessa Montgomery

Astrologist at Astro All-Starz

I feel trusting and secure with Gabriella handling my online presence. She built my site, as well as has a wealth of practical marketing and strategic advice for my online business. I love that Gabriella has both passion and a strong integrity with her work and client base. She has impressed! She is responsive and has clear communication.

Alright, let’s take a closer look at what’s included…

Project start-up phase

Planning and preparation are the keys to a successful project. What does this involve:

  • 60 min project start-up meeting. We discuss your business, website requirements, and brand.
  • We agree to a project start date.
  • You complete the branding questionnaire document.
  • You complete the content document.
  • You complete the SEO document.
  • Photoshoot. If you don’t already have high-quality photos of yourself and/or your products, please organise a photoshoot with a local photographer. We will discuss the types of photos that are needed.
  • You give me access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Purchase website hosting based on my recommendation. If you already have existing hosting, we may keep it there.
  • I set up your email address and hosting account, as needed.
  • If you require a logo and brand materials (typography, colours, mark etc), this is an additional fee. Price starting at just USD$150 for a text logo, typography, and colours.
  • If you require copywriting assistance, I can suggest copywriters for you to use.

Website Design & Build Phase

From an existing starter template we’ll pick and choose the elements and layouts you want to display on your site. What you’ll get:

  • A super easy to update WordPress website. You’ll be able to edit any web page using the visual editor.
  • A gorgeous home page that’s been customised for your brand. Customisation is limited to colours, images, fonts, and you get to choose which layout options you prefer.
  • 5 pages are included: These can typically be the home page, about page, services or sales page, and contact page.
  • A blog main page and blog post templates are tweaked to match your brand. (If you don’t need a blog you get a $150 discount)
  • Landing page for your enticing opt-in offer.
  • A responsive website that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.
  • Installation, setup, and customisation of the following: SEO plugin, Google Analytics code, your email marketing software code, website security, cache plugin, image optimization plugin, and Google Search Console.
  • Custom 404 error page.
  • WordPress training video on how to update your website, create new pages,  and tweak the Divi theme.
  • Website design revisions are limited to maximum of two hours. If more time, is needed, additional hours can be purchased.
  • Up to 60 mins to further discuss the project, as needed.


These are additional services you may choose to add-on to your project.

Price on request.


You need a target in order to achieve results. Receive a report with well-researched keywords that can help you rank higher on Google. Sprinkle these keywords throughout your copy. I recommend getting this report before your write your website copy. Also, get insights into what keywords your competitors are ranking for and their backlink strength.


You may need graphics for social media profiles or additional images to promote your services. 


Need a content strategy to help you turn your blog into a traffic and lead-generating machine? Get a custom researched content plan that will help get your business noticed.


Receive topically relevant guest post ideas and outreach targets with instructions on how to approach them. All you will have left to do is put together a personalized email and send it to them. A great way to increase traffic by building links back to your website (which will also help improve your SEO ranking)

Important information

If you need additional pages, training, communication, website functionality beyond  what is outlined above, I charge per minute at my hourly rate of USD$100. Additional work will most likely delay the website delivery date. This will be discussed during the project start-up phase.

Who is this for?

You already have photos ready to use for the new site OR you’re willing to have a photoshoot done pronto. Stock images can also be used, as necessary. 

You’re tired of the tech and just want to focus on what you’re good at and spend more time growing the business.

You’re ready to work hard to get things done in a short time-frame.
Working with someone you mesh well with is super important (book your free consultation to see if we’re a good fit!)
You need a website that is easy to update and can grow as your business does.
You’re fairly comfortable with using a computer and learning new software.

Who is this not for? Someone who wants the total in-depth branding experience and a fully custom designed and built website (see custom projects). Also, someone who wants to be overly involved in the design process and can easily change their minds about colours, layouts, copy etc.

Why work with me?

I’m a web designer with over 20 years of experience. I’ve helped many small service-based and e-commerce businesses with their websites and online business growth strategies. Many of my clients have stayed with me for years because of the high-level services I provide.

I am passionate about seeing my clients succeed and I provide support in many different ways.

Take a look at my portfolio

Gabriella Kosztolanyi

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the website be mobile-friendly and fast?

Of course! Your website will be designed to break down elegantly for both mobile and tablet devices. With Cloudways hosting and Cloudflare (free account), your website will also load fast for all your visitors.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, software and hosting costs are extra.

Hosting. I recommend Cloudways for hosting. Minimum cost USD$10/mo. 

Software. Divi is a theme and page builder that will be used on your website to create pages that look great and you can easily customise. Your Divi theme is included. You may also need to pay for Mailchimp or Active Campaign to maintain your email list. AcuityScheduling for scheduling calls/classes etc

Stock images. Some stock images might be required for your new website.

Photoshoot. If you can afford it, have a photoshoot with a professional photographer so you can get some great photos to use on your website and on social media.

What is your refund policy?

This package is a streamlined productised service designed to get you online as fast as possible. The way this package is put together and the low price-point means that refunds are not possible. Book your free 30 min free consultation to see if this package is right for you. If this package is not for you or we’re not the right fit, I will let you know.

What if I want additional design or website functionality in addition to what is provided above?

No problem, I charge USD$100 per hour charged in 1-minute increments. I may or may not have time during the assigned week to complete additional work on the website as it depends on my schedule. We can discuss the details before or during the project. 

Gary Weigh

Gary Weigh


The consensus was that it reflects perfectly what Jacaranda Clubhouse is about. People who know the Clubhouse said it was like looking through a window into the heart and soul of the organisation. Two Jacaranda board members who have had time to look through the site said it gave them goose bumps.

Are you ready for an optimally designed website that you’re proud to show off?

A website that engages your ideal prospects and converts them into clients?

ONLY US$1,750

Alright, I’m ready.