Tech Support for People Who DIY WordPress

Do you wish you had someone who could take a look at the website you DIYed and…

Give you advice on how to best solve the specific tech, website or online business issue you’re having.

Finish or tweak the website you’re building because you’ve realised it’s more cost-effective for you to spend your time on things you’re good at that bring in money.

Have your DIY website looked over (front-end & back-end) by a professional to check how things have been set up and get recommendations on how to improve things.

Get off the frustration train and stop wasting countless hours trying to figure things out on your own. It’s taken me many years to learn what I know.

Once I helped a distraught DIYer solve a tech problem that she wrestled with for 13 hours… in under 3 minutes!

Time is a precious commodity and so is your sanity.

If you have a WordPress website and need support, get in touch.

Important! I only provide support for websites built with the following themes: Astra, Divi, and Elementor. 

Hourly rate is US$120/hour charged per minute.